Fatberry teams up with JomRun to revolutionize the insurance landscape

We believe that getting an insurance should be a proactive approach rather being approached by the intermediary or insurance consultants. Insurance should be something that add value to all the people whereby it will also change how people think about insurance.

By having said that, we are leveraging on JomRun to bring the value-added services to another level. Here comes the dawn of Insurance Technology Startup. People are more inclined to digital revolution, and so do they expect the insurance industry to be transformed to a high-tech industry to cater to their needs. By partnering with JomRun, we are going to create the awareness of having a healthy lifestyle and get rewarded for staying healthy when buying an insurance.

Staying healthy is everyone’s responsibility.Without health, wealth is nothing, and we may not have the energy to work on our aspiration. Not only that, staying healthy to get a reasonable premium for insurance is something more transparent to the people, and it will also motivate people to workout and to take charge of their own health.

And you are at the right place where you fit yourself into our vision to add more value into people lives by influencing people to take charge of their health and to make insurance more transparent and affordable.

Stop hesitating which running app to download because your health will not wait for you and get started now by downloading JomRun on Google Playstore or App Store.

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