Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khairat Care?

Khairat Care is designed to reimburse the charges incurred for Funeral expenses incurred when the insured passes away.

I have a pre-existing condition. Can I buy this?

A Person Covered may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for: –

  • which existed or developed prior to the commencement date of coverage; or
  • where there exists manifestation of illnesses prior to the commencement date of coverage; or
  • which based on normal medically accepted pathological development of the illness, such illness would have existed prior to the commencement date of the coverage

No Benefit shall be payable if the death is due to a Pre-Existing Condition unless at the time of death, the Person Covered has been covered for more than twelve (12) months from the Master Certificate Commencement Date and the Person Covered has duly disclosed such Pre-Existing Condition and has been fully underwritten and accepted in writing by the Takaful Operator prior to the inception of the Takaful coverage.

How long am I covered for?

This coverage plan is auto-renew yearly until 70 Years Old.

What if I fail to renew my Coverage on time?

We give a grace period of 30 Days from the date of expiry for renewal, at which point your coverage will continue from the date of expiry until the next renewal period. If you fail to renew your coverage within the grace period, then your coverage will be cancelled and you will have to apply for a new coverage plan and all benefits will be reset.

How does my Nominated Beneficiary make this Claim?

Your Nominated Beneficiary must fill in the claim form at, within 90 days and provide the following supporting documents as per required:

  • Copy of NRIC of Person Covered
  • Copy of NRIC of Claimant
  • Certificate of Death of Person Covered
  • Burial Certificate of Person Covered
Claim Form

What happens if someone other than my Nominated Beneficiary makes this Claim?

In the event that someone other than the Nominated Beneficiary makes this Claim, CareWise will do due diligence in contacting the Nominated Beneficiary and seek approval to release the Claim to the Claimant.

Who is eligible?

  • Malaysian Citizens (this product is not available for Non-Malaysians and / or Permanent Residents of Malaysia)
  • Aged between 18 – 65 Years Old
  • Free of HIV, AIDS and/or any AIDS related diseases

What are the Exclusions for Khairat Care?

No Funeral Expense benefit shall be payable if death results directly or indirectly from:

  • whether sane or insane commit suicide within one (1) year from the date of inception of the Certificate; or
  • HIV infection, AIDS or any AIDS related complex unless the death arose as a result of blood transfusion or occupationally acquired

When does my coverage start?

Your coverage date will start from the date of Payment Made.

Can I cancel my Khairat Care plan?

We do not allow cancellation for the covered year.

How long to receive the claim?

Upon review and approval of the claim, CareWise will release the covered amount in two tranches:

  • First Tranche: RM1,500.00 within One (1) Business Day
  • Second Tranche: The remaining balance within Thirty (30) Business Days

Can I change my Nominated Beneficiary?

Yes, to change your Nominated Beneficiary, please email the request to