The Best Malaysia Tyre Brands 2022

The Best Malaysia Tyre Brands 2022

The Best Malaysia Tyre Brands 2022

Choosing the best tyre quality is really important especially when you are in Malaysia. Malaysia is in the zone in the world where we will have to experience rainy weather during the Monsoon season that will cause a slippery road which will definitely affect your tyre when you are traveling.

Apart from that, it is definitely crucial to purchase a good quality tyre brand so you will be able to carry your vehicle through challenging roads and improve your driving experience!We’ve listed out the best Malaysia tyre brands for your future reference and in case there’s an emergency happens, we got your back 😉

1. Bridgeston

One of the well-known tyre manufacturers would be Bridgeston from Japan. Bridgeston actually was the biggest tyre manufacturer from 2009 until 2020 and that is when the title was taken by Michelin. This brand supplies a variety of passenger, truck and aircraft tyres.

We highly recommended Bridgestone tyres for your car as it is a street performance tyre that is designed to give you stable handling with an excellent response especially when you are driving in a straight line and the corners.

Bridgestone tyres are definitely top-notch that offer a mid to high price range that is worth the price!

We’ve prepared a recommended Bridgeston products and their segments that you could put into consideration when choosing good tyres:

Product Segment
Ecopia EP 300 (2017) Comfort
Turanza T005 (2018) Touring
Potenza RE004 (2020) UHP
Alenza 001 (2017) SUV

2. Michelin

Who doesn’t know Michelin? They are definitely well-known for their premium products. Founded in 1889, Michelin is the only brand that would publish test results of their latest products against their premium competitors just to show customers how strong they are!

The best thing about Michelin tyre is that it has a very good grip whether it is wet or dry. The asymmetric tread pattern on the tyre provides good traction and braking efficiency.

We definitely recommended Energy XM2+ & Primacy 4st as there are the best-in-class tyres in the particular segment:

Product Segment
Energy XM2+ (2019) Comfort
Primacy 4st (2017) Touring
Pilot Sport 4 (2016) UHP
Primacy SUV (2015) SUV

3. Goodyear

One of the most successful American companies, Goodyear is also one of the driver’s choices when it comes to the best tyre brand in Malaysia. Goodyear also owns other brands Fulda and Dunlop.

We will highly recommend customers purchase The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric as it has solid detail for innovation and safety. One of the excellent features is that the tyre has a Grip Booster Technology that includes a grip booster and an adhesive resin. In addition, it has a robust design and it is lightweight! Also, not to mention that it has Active Braking technology that is very efficient in increasing contact area when it’s time to break.

Apart from Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, EfficientGrip SUV is also could be put into your consideration. Other products from Goodyear have their own specialty for your car:

Product Segment
Assurance TripleMax 2 (2018) Comfort
Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (2019) Touring
EfficientGrip SUV (2018) SUV

4. Continental

Continental is a premium tyre brand that offers a diverse tyre model. The price is a bit high but compared with Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgeston, Continental could be considered affordable. This brand is a German automotive manufacturer and the best thing about their tyres is they have exceptional dry grip and outstanding wet traction.

From our research, we would recommend you Continental Ultra Contact 6 Tyre for your daily traveling to work and also long traveling to your vacation! This tyre is built to give a balanced performance and the functionality of the tyre pattern is to instantly drain water from wet roads while giving you a pleasant, quiet ride for your driving experience.

There are also other products that are also excellent for you to purchase:

Product Segment
Comfort Contact 6 Comfort
Max Contact 6 Touring
Ultra Contact 6 SUV SUV


5. Pirelli

Pirelli is well-known in the motorsport arena. This brand is originally from Milan and it does not have a region-specific tire line product compared to Michelin or Continental. Their tyres are popular when it comes to sound choice as they are producing low noise when you are driving.

The best thing about Pirelli’s manufacturer is that they produce a good quality tyre model for the eco-conscious driver.

Product Segment
Cinturato P1 (2010) Comfort
Cinturato P7 Blue (2012) Touring
P Zero Corsa (2014) UHP
Scorpion Verde (2010) SUV

Protect Your Vehicle

When it comes to choosing the best tyre for your vehicle, you might also want to consider getting the best insurance to protect them. The easiest way to compare insurance for your vehicle is by purchasing your insurance online. Fatberry offers the best car insurance that you could compare in Malaysia and it could be done with an effortless process online!


Fatberry is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of car insurance in Malaysia where you can buy your preferred car insurance online instantly. You can choose from the available insurance brands and select the plans that suit your needs as well as requirements.

*The content provided is for informational purposes only. Fatberry makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Should you require more information on our products, please refer to or contact us. 


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Top 5 Cheapest Cars in Malaysia

Top 5 Cheapest Cars in Malaysia

Cheapest Cars in Malaysia

We get it, everyone is now looking for a cheaper option for every purchase they’ve made especially when you are buying a car. Buying a car is a big deal, you are looking for the cheapest car you could get out there but also, but you want all the best features!

We are here to tell you that yes, it is possible to get the cheapest cars in Malaysia and the best thing about them is they are all made in Malaysia. We’ve made a Top 5 Cheapest Cars in Malaysia list for you to make your affordable choice!


For a first-time car buyer, we highly recommend you buy an environmentally friendly and one of the cheapest cars in Malaysia, Proton Axia. It has the best features that you need, and its small size is one of them! It is not as small as Perodua Kancil but it is small enough to get you through narrow roads and small parking spots. 

You also don’t have to worry about how to navigate Axia, it is easy to drive, and they are excellent at running errands. Don’t forget that they are fuel efficient. It is proven that your journey from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru could survive with only RM40 fuel (RON95), how awesome is that? On top of that, it is without a doubt that the maintenance cost is not as pricey as fancy cars as everything is easy to find in a simple workshop as it is made in Malaysia!


Why Bezza? Because it is an energy-efficient Sedan that only costs RM 34,490+! Apart from being the first Perodua Sedan, it is the cheapest Sedan you’ll find out there and it is one of the best options for the e-hailing industry. 

Bezza might seem small for a Sedan, but it has everything in a package, a high-tech car that matches global standards. It is also proven safe, Perodua is using a high tensile strength steel that has improved its safety status. 

Also, good news for those who wanted to purchase Bezza for a family car because their boot is super huge! You could fit your vacation bags and your grocery items!


If you are looking for a car that looks smart, unique, and chic, Iriz is the car for you! It is an affordable car with a medium-sized engine that only costs RM 36,700. Proton Iriz has excellent safety measures including 6 airbags, an Isofix child seat, Electronic Stability Control, hill assist, ABS with EBD, and the best thing is they received a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating. 

This trendy and modern look car is not only comfortable for you and your family but also has stable handling that would make you feel confident when you are driving. 

Another extra advantage for you is it has a rear camera to help you park easily and it is always convenient for those who always take forever to park as sometimes you need to keep looking back to make sure that you won’t hit anything. 

The fuel consumption is not bad at all as it only uses 1 litre for 14.5 KM driving. This Proton Iriz comes in several solid colours such as red, white, and silver!


Yes, you read it right! King of the road, Myvi is also one of the cheapest cars in Malaysia. The Perodua Myvi Standard G will only cost you RM 40,863 and as you could see on the road, they have amazing advantages that you could take into consideration for your first or affordable car purchase. 

This car might seem small to you, but it has a big engine capacity that would make it comfortable to drive at a high speed. Myvi has exceptional fuel consumption that would take you on a long journey. One of the best features that you need to know is it has a front parking sensor that is very helpful to drivers. 

Also, let’s not forget the elephant in the room, this is the main reason why people prefer Myvi over any other affordable car! It is all about a modern and stylish look, especially its sleek and sharp-looking headlights that add an elegant character to it.


Old but gold is the most accurate expression of this car model. Get yourself a Saga for a budget-friendly car, it will only cost you RM 33,591 and above. For those who usually have a problem with handling a heavy steering wheel, Saga has recalibrated the hydraulic power steering, giving it a lighter steering feel that will ease your journey. 

The best feature for Saga must be its audio system, this is an advantage for drivers who love to listen to music while driving. Their audio system has a punchy bass and clear treble that made it impressive.

Get the right car insurance when you purchase your new car!

Have you decided which affordable car you want? While we are here, we would also want to give you an extra tip if you are planning to get your car insurance! Everything that you need is at your fingertips, just click Fatberry and you’ll find out that you could easily compare and purchase insurance online for your brand-new car.


Fatberry is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of car insurance in Malaysia where you can buy your preferred car insurance online instantly. You can choose from the available insurance brands and select the plans that suit your needs as well as requirements.

*The content provided is for informational purposes only. Fatberry makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Should you require more information on our products, please refer to or contact us. 


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Should You Get An Electric Car in Malaysia?

Should You Get An Electric Car in Malaysia?


Electric Car in Malaysia

These days, many people are trying to save the Earth and prevent global warming. Thus, the invention of electric cars! In countries such as Europe and China, electric cars are pretty popular.

In Malaysia, it’s no exception how they are slowly getting popular too. With that being said, if you’re thinking of owning an electric car in Malaysia, read on to find out everything you need to know about it!

What is an electric car?

Electric cars are automatic vehicles that use electric motor power to function. The electric car does not use diesel or petrol engines nor do they have gears. Electric cars are all automatic. If you’re thinking of buying an electric car in Malaysia, it’s pretty much the same here as well. 

How does an electric car work?

Electric cars take electricity from a charging point and store electricity in rechargeable batteries which go to the electric motor. This is how the wheels are turned. The rest of the electrical parts of the car will work together to enable the car to function.

The different types of electric cars in Malaysia

There are only three main types of electric cars in Malaysia which are:

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

These types of electric cars are made with an electric drive motor, battery, and internal combustion engine (ICE). The car is able to be driven with either the electric drive motor or ICE, or both of them. Once the electric battery reaches its capacity, the car can be driven in hybrid mode (no range limitation). 

Battery-electric vehicle (BEV)

This means that the electric car is 100% powered by electricity, nothing else. It can only be charged with a charge point.

Extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV)

The E-REV is another type of plug-in hybrid, except the E-REV cars, come with an extra small diesel or petrol generator. Most of the time the electric motor will take over while the ICE takes over once the battery dies off.

Benefits of an electric car

1. Better for the environment

The main reason why electric cars were developed in the first place is to tackle the issue of carbon emissions emitted by gas-powered cars. Electric cars are battery-operated using only pure electricity, Therefore, no gas is emitted through the exhaust pipes.

2. Overall costs are cheaper

Maintaining an electric car is much cheaper because there is no need to change the oil or change mechanical components. Gas-powered cars require regular maintenance to change the engine oil.

3. Better safety features

Since electric cars don’t have gas, when an accident occurs, the chance of the car catching fire or exploding will be close to none. Electric cars will immediately cut the electrical supply of the battery.

4. Smoother drive

Normal gas-powered cars are either manual or automatic, but with electric cars, all of them are automatic. You won’t face the common problem of stalling like you would with manual cars.

In terms of the brake process, normal cars will release frictional heat from braking, which is a waste of kinetic energy. The energy that gets released in electric cars from braking gets transferred to charge the car’s batteries instead.

Cons of an electric car

1. Not many charging stations around

Unlike other countries such as Europe or China, owning electric cars in Malaysia may be somewhat of an inconvenience when it comes to charging them. It can be hard to look for charging stations in every part of the country. To date, there are about 300 charging stations under ChargEV network.

2. Upfront costs are quite steep

As the options for electric cars are quite limited, the price range for most electric cars is around RM100,000 and above. If you wish to buy your own electric car charges, it might cost up to RM10,000. Essentially, the upfront costs will be more expensive than buying an affordable normal gas car.

3. Car service may be limited

Not all car service workshops are familiar with servicing electric cars. Although electric cars require less maintenance, it still requires regular servicing. Your best bet would be to send it to the official service centre of your electric car.

4. Might take a long to charge

Unlike gas cars which take less than 10 minutes to pump petrol, charging an electric car could possibly take up to 8 hours. However, certain charging stations which offer fast charging may take 30 minutes, but again this is considered quite long in comparison with pumping petrol. Hence why you need to plan your drive properly just in case your car runs out of battery.

Available Electric Cars in Malaysia

As electric cars in Malaysia are still relatively new, here are some of the common models available as of date:

  • Hyundai Kona Electric
  • MINI Cooper SE
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric
  • BMW iX3
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Mazda MX-30
  • Renault Zoe
  • Mercedes-Benz EQS

Electric Car Insurance

If you own an electric car in Malaysia, you don’t have to worry about car insurance as most insurance providers such as Etiqa as well as RHB offer insurance and takaful coverage.

In fact, Etiqa even offers insurance and takaful coverage for electric vehicle (EV) home charges. This can be added on to your Etiqa private car insurance. It includes reimbursements for up to RM12,000 to repair or replace the EV home charger. This is during an event of damage or loss due to fire, lightning, explosion, theft, natural disasters or overflowing/bursting of water pipes or tanks.


When you compare the pros and cons of owning electric cars in Malaysia, ideally it all depends on your budget since the initial costs are quite high. So if you have no financial problems, getting an electric car would be ideal! Plus, if you care about the environment, you’ll find joy in helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.


Fatberry is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of car insurance in Malaysia where you can buy your preferred car insurance online instantly. You can choose from the available insurance brands and select the plans that suit your needs as well as requirements.

*The content provided is for informational purposes only. Fatberry makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Should you require more information on our products, please refer to or contact us. 


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Khairat Care FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khairat Care?

Khairat Care is designed to reimburse the charges incurred for Funeral expenses incurred when the insured passes away.

I have a pre-existing condition. Can I buy this?

A Person Covered may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for: –

  • which existed or developed prior to the commencement date of coverage; or
  • where there exists manifestation of illnesses prior to the commencement date of coverage; or
  • which based on normal medically accepted pathological development of the illness, such illness would have existed prior to the commencement date of the coverage

No Benefit shall be payable if the death is due to a Pre-Existing Condition unless at the time of death, the Person Covered has been covered for more than twelve (12) months from the Master Certificate Commencement Date and the Person Covered has duly disclosed such Pre-Existing Condition and has been fully underwritten and accepted in writing by the Takaful Operator prior to the inception of the Takaful coverage.

How long am I covered for?

This coverage plan is auto-renew yearly until 70 Years Old.

What if I fail to renew my Coverage on time?

We give a grace period of 30 Days from the date of expiry for renewal, at which point your coverage will continue from the date of expiry until the next renewal period. If you fail to renew your coverage within the grace period, then your coverage will be cancelled and you will have to apply for a new coverage plan and all benefits will be reset.

How does my Nominated Beneficiary make this Claim?

Your Nominated Beneficiary must fill in the claim form at, within 90 days and provide the following supporting documents as per required:

  • Copy of NRIC of Person Covered
  • Copy of NRIC of Claimant
  • Certificate of Death of Person Covered
  • Burial Certificate of Person Covered
Claim Form

What happens if someone other than my Nominated Beneficiary makes this Claim?

In the event that someone other than the Nominated Beneficiary makes this Claim, CareWise will do due diligence in contacting the Nominated Beneficiary and seek approval to release the Claim to the Claimant.

Who is eligible?

  • Malaysian Citizens (this product is not available for Non-Malaysians and / or Permanent Residents of Malaysia)
  • Aged between 18 – 65 Years Old
  • Free of HIV, AIDS and/or any AIDS related diseases

What are the Exclusions for Khairat Care?

No Funeral Expense benefit shall be payable if death results directly or indirectly from:

  • whether sane or insane commit suicide within one (1) year from the date of inception of the Certificate; or
  • HIV infection, AIDS or any AIDS related complex unless the death arose as a result of blood transfusion or occupationally acquired

When does my coverage start?

Your coverage date will start from the date of Payment Made.

Can I cancel my Khairat Care plan?

We do not allow cancellation for the covered year.

How long to receive the claim?

Upon review and approval of the claim, CareWise will release the covered amount in two tranches:

  • First Tranche: RM1,500.00 within One (1) Business Day
  • Second Tranche: The remaining balance within Thirty (30) Business Days

Can I change my Nominated Beneficiary?

Yes, to change your Nominated Beneficiary, please email the request to

Road Sign in Malaysia: 6 Types Of Signs You Need To Know

Road Sign in Malaysia: 6 Types Of Signs You Need To Know

Road Sign in Malaysia

While driving in Malaysia, without a doubt you’ll come across several road signs. You probably also notice how they come in different colours, symbols and shapes. If you have no idea what some of these road signs mean, read on to find out!

See Also: Fatberry’s Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Car Insurance

What are road signs?

Road signs are arranged and placed along the roads where drivers or pedestrians are supposed to obey them or refer to them. Other than stating the rules, road signs also provide useful information about the city or area as well as directions to prevent anyone from getting lost.

These road signs usually consist of a few consistent colours, shapes and symbols. In order to prevent confusion, there isn’t a wide variety of them.

Why do we need to know all the road signs in Malaysia?

There have to be rules when it comes to driving on the road for the sake of the safety and well-being of everyone. Imagine a world where there are no rules on the road – it can get chaotic!

The road signs are also made to manage the overall traffic flow so that there won’t be heavy traffic and prevent accidents from happening. With road signs, pedestrians and cyclists are able to wander about on the road while being safe.

What happens if we don’t obey the road signs?

For certain road signs such as prohibited signs, you might be fined or thrown into jail.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #1: Warning Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Warning signs are usually yellow and are diamond in shape. The meaning of warning signs is to warn drivers against certain road conditions up ahead.

For instance, drivers are required to slow down upon seeing road signs such as Steep road or Slippery winding.

Junction road signs are when drivers are required to signal before making a turn. Stop signs are one of the common road signs in Malaysia as well that requires drivers to stop their cars for those who are either blind, disabled or school children.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #2: Prohibited Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Prohibited signs are usually in red colour with a white background. Sometimes, these road signs can be in yellow or blue backgrounds. Drivers are required to obey these types of road signs. If not, they could face several consequences.

For example, some of the common prohibited road signs would be weight, height or width limits that will be placed just before a tunnel or car parks that are underground. Hence why certain lorries can’t enter certain tunnels because they could potentially get stuck.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #3: Guide Signs

Guide signs are either in blue, green, white, brown or yellow. These types of road signs in Malaysia involve direction or a particular distance to a road, tourist attraction, highways or expressways as well as to a certain direction.

For instance, the road signs in blue background are used on state roads, federal roads and municipal roads while the ones in green background are regularly used on highways or toll expressways.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #4: Information Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Information signs are everywhere – they can be in blue, white, brown, yellow, red or green. These types of road signs are providing general or extra information about the road.

The road signs which are white pictograms and in green backgrounds are usually placed on highways. For instance, historical buildings or tourist attractions that are nearby, the road that’s linked, and public amenities such as police stations, hospitals or petrol stations.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #5: Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are usually in orange and black while being in diamond or rectangular shapes. These types of road signs in Malaysia are mainly used for road maintenance or if construction is going on.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #6: Speed Limit Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Speed limit road signs vary in colour such as red, white, yellow and orange. This type of road sign is when drivers are required to follow as it shows the particular speed limit for the road.

The speed limits are to prevent potential accidents or mishaps from occurring. If a driver goes over the speed limit, it might cause the car to skid.

If drivers fail to follow the speed limit, they’ll be at risk of getting fined when caught by the police.

Helpful Information About Road Signs in Malaysia

1. The letter ‘E’ in road signs

You might not know that the letter ‘E’ represents a highway road while federal roads are only the ones with numbers.

2. Blue road signs are toll-free

Blue background road signs indicate that there are no tolls throughout the road as well.
Road sign in Malaysia

3. Tourist attractions are road signs in maroon

If you spot a road sign on the highways or roads with maroon backgrounds, it represents a certain tourist attraction.

4. Yellow text on green road signs

When you see road signs with green background and yellow text, it represents a government institution.

5. Length of distance is from top to bottom

Road sign in Malaysia
The road signs on highways and roads always start from the furthest destination (at the top) to the nearest destination (at the bottom).

6. White text on blue road signs

Those road signs with blue backgrounds and white text actually represent a certain area or city.

7. Mixture of numbers and letters

The road signs which have both numbers and letters in the yellow box on a blue background represent a state road.

8. Yellow text on blue road signs

The blue road signs that have yellow text on them are usually the name of a specific road.

9. Road signs that only have numbers

These road signs that have only numbers in yellow boxes on blue backgrounds represent federal roads.

Keep yourself safe with car insurance!

Now that you know and understand the road signs in Malaysia, you’ll also have to keep yourself safe and secure with car insurance. If you’re not sure which car insurance to get, compare your options with Fatberry and get a free quote! You can also renew your insurance or road tax with Fatberry in a few simple steps.

*The content provided is for informational purposes only. Fatberry makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Should you require more information on our products, please refer to or contact us. 


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