Check No Claim Discount (NCD) Online

Attention to car owners! We are pretty sure you are familiar with the term No Claim Discount, also known as NCD. If you have, you might be wondering how to check NCD online too. Well, NCD is a form of motor insurance discount given to you for certain situations:

1. If you are a driver who does not make any insurance claim throughout the coverage period
2. If you are not having any insurance claim by a third party made against your insurance policy

NCD rates for private cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles

Before we dig deeper, let’s see the types of NCD rates for private cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles!

1. NCD Rates for Private Cars

First year 0%
Second year 25%
Third year 30%
Fourth year 38.33%
Fifth year 45%
Sixth year and above 55% (maximum)

2. NCD Rates for Motorcycles

First year 0%
Second year 15%
Third year 20%
Fourth year 25% (maximum)

3. NCD Rates for Commercial Vehicles

First year 0%
Second year 15%
Third year 20%
Fourth year 25% (maximum)

To summarise, the longer you can go without filing your insurance claim, the higher the NCD percentage you will get.

Check NCD Online

It is so much easier that everything could be done online! Checking NCD is important for you to keep updated on the status as you might not know what’s going to happen in the future.

There are a few simple steps that you could follow to check NCD online:

1. Visit MyCarInfo

2. Key in your vehicle plate number and NRIC

3. Click ‘Get My NCD Record’ or if your vehicle is registered under a company, you can key in the business registration number

4. After you key in the details, you’ll be able to check the information below:

i. Next NCD Percentage
ii. Next NCD Effective Date
iii. Current NCD Percentage
iv. Current NCD Effective Date

The best part is, you could check NCD online on MyCarInfo for free! This includes NCD status for motorcycles and rental vehicles.

What you should know about NCD?

Now you have the basic knowledge of NCD, it’s important for you to know factual information about it. Don’t worry, we’ve made some research and listed it out for you!

1. If you are a first-year car user, you’re not eligible for NCD.

2. You can still enjoy your NCD even if you change to a new insurer provider

Yes, you can still enjoy the NCD that you’ve accumulated previously if you decided to change to a better insurer provider.

3. Your NCD will not be affected if you are not the cause of the accident

It will not affect your NCD as the claim will be made against the other driver at fault.

4. Replacing your broken windscreen

a. If you have included windscreen insurance, you can claim your windscreen replacement from your insurer

b. If you didn’t include your windscreen insurance, you can claim the payment from your insurer and it will affect your NCD as it is considered a claim against your main car insurance policy.

5. You can transfer your NCD from your old car to new car insurance

If you wish to transfer your NCD, you need to go to the insurer’s branch and request them to transfer your NCD.

Alternatively, if you are purchasing or purchased insurance from Fatberry, similarly you can request us to transfer your NCD.

6. You cannot transfer your NCD to someone else

For example, if your family members want you to continue their NCD, it is not possible as

NCD is tied to one person and it cannot be transferred.

7. You will not lose your NCD if you cancel your insurance policy

You will lose your NCD if you don’t renew your car insurance in 1 to 2 years.

Why is NCD Important?

NCD might seem like it’s not a big deal to you but it is definitely crucial for you to have the desire to increase your NCD each year as it would definitely help to reduce accidents on the road. Isn’t it better to be a safe driver and on top of that, to get a discount for your NCD? 😊

Apart from that, you could see NCD as a reward for you for driving safely! We can’t predict the future, but it is better if we could be ready for anything that could happen.



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