House Insurance Malaysia: A Complete Guide 2023

House Insurance Malaysia: A Complete Guide 2023


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To most of us, home is our safe place. It’s also where we spend most of our money. The overall costs of maintaining a home can be expensive for some. With all the money invested in building your dream home, you’d do whatever it takes to protect it at all costs.

Like car insurance, a house insurance policy can protect your home against any harm and help your finances in the long run. If you have no clue what house insurance is about, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it!

What is house insurance?

House insurance is one of the property insurance which provides protection for your home as well as everything that’s inside against any form of damage or loss.

Why do we need house insurance in Malaysia?

Though owning house insurance in Malaysia isn’t compulsory, it’s still good to have it if you own a home or even just rent a home. House insurance comes in handy for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and so on.

For instance, when your home gets damaged by a flood, rebuilding your home from scratch including all of your belongings will be much more costly than paying a monthly fee for house insurance. Besides, home insurance plans in Malaysia aren’t too expensive either.

Available types of house insurance in Malaysia

There are a few types of house insurance in Malaysia, but the ones below are the common ones offered by insurance companies:

1. Householder Protection

For this house insurance policy, you’ll be covered for anything that’s inside your home. This would be ideal for those who are just renting their home. All of your possessions will be protected rather than the property itself. Some of the possessions that are covered include furniture, electronics, and so on. 

2. Houseowner Protection

This house insurance policy protects your entire home so that you can protect the entire exterior and interior of your home. In cases where there are road accidents, floods or landslides that affect your home, it will be covered entirely. However, your possessions that are found inside your home will not be covered. This house insurance policy is suitable for those that own property. 

3. Basic Fire Protection

Those who take this policy will only be covered for damage or loss caused by lightning or fire. What’s included in the coverage would be both your building and possessions inside your home. 

4. Both Houseowner & Householder Protection

This house insurance plan covers both the householder and houseowner. That means the structure of your home along with your possessions are protected.

Which house insurance plan should I take?

It all depends on your current situation. The best plan would be the one that meets your requirements and needs. Without a doubt, taking a plan which includes both houseowner and householder would be ideal.

Tokio Marine SecureHome

If you’re looking for a house insurance plan in Malaysia that’s worth the investment, you should consider Tokio Marine SecureHome.

What is Tokio Marine SecureHome?

Tokio Marine SecureHome is a comprehensive policy that offers ample protection for the building of your home as well as your possessions. There are also additional add-ons you can include in your house insurance policy should you require more protection.

You have the option to choose between just the Houseowner or Householder policy.

What’s Included in Tokio Marine SecureHome

1. Houseowner (Building)

This includes your entire property building including the gates, fittings, walls, garage fixtures as well as any fences found around the building.

2. Householder (Content)

This includes any possessions or household goods found in your home. You can choose to insure on full value or just based on first loss basis.

3. Housecare

This includes any pipe repairs, repair or replacement of locks, doors, and windows affected by theft. It also includes any domestic or emergency assistance.

4. Inconvenience Allowance

Any damage or loss to insured perils will be paid a large amount of money upfront. 

5. Worldwide Personal All Risk

You will be covered for any damage or loss of personal effect which has to do with either reinstatement, repair, or replacement of the property that was insured.

6. Free coverage

  • Public Liability up to RM100,000
  • Rent Insurance
  • Damage to mirrors
  • Servants Property
  • Contents Temporarily removed
  • Death due to insured perils
  • Impact Damage

For a more detailed version of the policy details, you may take a look here.

How to make a claim with Tokio Marine SecureHome

Step 1: Notify Tokio Marine as soon as possible with all the necessary details.

Step 2: You should take action whenever necessary to prevent any further loss or prevent the situation from getting worse. If temporary repairs are required, you should do so straight away.

Step 3: Upon submitting your claim, you should include any supporting documents or information to Tokio Marine.

The Key Takeaway

Despite house insurance not being compulsory, we strongly advise you to take it up if you can. You will not regret doing so. If you are keen on buying house insurance in Malaysia, you can consider purchasing through Fatberry!


Fatberry is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of car insurance in Malaysia where you can buy your preferred insurance online instantly. You can choose from the available insurance brands and select the plans that suit your needs as well as requirements.

*The content provided is for informational purposes only. Fatberry makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Should you require more information on our products, please refer to or contact us. 


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Home Flood Insurance FAQ

Home Flood Insurance FAQ


    1. What is Home Flood Insurance?
      Home Flood Insurance is a comprehensive package policy that provides coverage for your home contents in accordance with your lifestyle and needs
    2. Who is the underwriter for Home Flood Insurance?
      Home Flood Insurance is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance Malaysia
    3. What are the covers / benefits?
      • Loss or damage to your contents due to flood, fire, lightning and explosion caused by gas used for domestic purposes
      • Loss or damage to your contents by aircraft, road vehicles or animals, bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes, theft by forcible and violent entry, windstorm, earthquake.
      • Loss of Rent (limited to 10% of the total sum insured on buildings and/or contents)
      • Liability to third parties for accidents in your property up to RM 100,000.00
      • Property temporarily removed for sales or exhibition or to furniture depositories
      • Damage to mirrors
      • Compensation for fatal injury occurring in your property by accidental caused by insured perils as stated in the Policy Schedule
      • Servant’s property
      • Robbery and hold up in the premises of the insured property
    4. What are the main exclusions?
      • Damage or destruction occurring while the premise is left unoccupied
      • Loss or damage due to theft by your domestic servants or any member of your family
      • Loss or damage to any building in the course of construction, reconstruction or repair
      • Loss or damage to metal smoke stacks, awnings, blinds, signs and other outdoor fixtures and fittings including gates and fences
      • Loss or damage to buildings caused by subsidence or landslip except as a result of earthquake or volcanic eruption
      • Contents removed for sale or exhibition
      • Damage to hand mirrors
      • Loss or damage to contents consisting of deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, securities for money, stamps, documents of any kind, cash, currency notes, bank notes, manuscripts, medals and coins, motor vehicles and accessories or livestock unless specifically mentioned in the Policy Schedule
      • All legal costs and expenses which are not incurred in or recoverable in Malaysia
        Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy contract for the full list of exclusions under this policy.
    5. What is the definition of content in the context of Home Flood Insurance?
      • Content shall mean household goods such as furniture, electrical items, household appliances, and personal effects such as clothing, wallet and etc. belonging to you or any member normally reside with you in the private dwelling.
      • Content coverage excludes platinum, gold, silver articles, jewelry, furs, any curiosity or work of art for an amount exceeding RM500.00, securities, obligations, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or documents of any kind, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, currency notes, bank notes manuscripts, books of account or other business books, or computer systems records, motor vehicles and accessories, or livestock.


    1. Who can purchase Home Flood Insurance?
      a Malaysian, or a foreigner who is a permanent resident of Malaysia, work permit holder, pass holder or otherwise is legally employed and legally residing in Malaysia; and
      Your property insured is located within Malaysia.
    2. When is the effective date assuming I purchase Home Flood Insurance on Fatberry today?
      Once you have completed your payment in Fatberry and Tokio Marine receives your application, your e-policy will be issued within one working day, with coverage effective on the policy issued date. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your policy number, policy effective date and expiry date. Your e-policy will be attached to the same email.
    3. Can I purchase Home Flood Insurance for another person?
      Yes, you may purchase Home Flood Insurance on behalf of another person, provided that the policyholder’s details are filled with the other person’s details and not yours.
    4. I have more than one property. Can I purchase another Home Flood policy?
      Yes, you can. Each property is eligible to be covered under one Home Flood policy only and each Home Flood policy is insuring only one property. You may proceed to go through the purchase process to get a Home Flood policy for your other properties.
    5. I have a home (fire) insurance policy from a bank and my policy is still active. Can I still purchase Home Flood Insurance from Fatberry?
      Yes, you can still purchase Home Flood Insurance as home insurance by bank typically does not cover home contents. You can check this with your bank (mortgage) for further clarification


    1. Can I cancel my policy?
      You may cancel your policy by giving written notice to us. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the premium based on Tokio Marine’s short-period rates for the period of the policy which has been in force, subject to the minimum premium to be retained by us. No refund premium is allowed if there is a claim under the policy.
    2. What do I need to do if there are changes to my personal details?
      It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact/personal details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner. You can provide your updated details via email to or call us at +6011 2612 8112.
    3. How do I make a claim for Home Flood Insurance?
      1. You can either notify Fatberry (+6011 2612 8112 / or Tokio Marine (1800-88-0812 / immediately giving details such as the nature and extent of loss or damage
      2. Notify the police immediately for theft incident
      3. Record evidence by taking photographs of the damages and/or point of entry
      4. Work with us by cooperating with the Adjusters when called upon
    4. What are the documents required to support a claim?
      • Completed Claim Form
      • Written Statement of Claim detailing the items lost/damaged
      • Estimate of repairs for damaged building
      • Purchase invoices/receipts/valuation reports of the stolen/damaged items
      • Photographs depicting the damaged items or premise of loss/damage (if no Adjusters is appointed)
      • Final repair/replacement bills(s)
      • Any additional information and documents as may be required by Insurers or Adjuster other than above
    5. How long do I have to wait to get my claim?
      You can check your claim status by calling Tokio Marine’s hotline 1800-88-0812 or email to Alternatively, you can contact Fatberry at or call us at +6011 2612 8112.
    6. What is an adjuster and what do they do?
      The adjuster works for the insurance company paying the claim. They will review what happened and estimate the claims payment. The adjuster may inspect the damages, look at police reports, talk to witnesses, or ask for more information when reviewing your claim.