Best Medical Insurance in Malaysia

What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is insurance usually intended to cover the expense of private medical care, including hospitalisation and healthcare services. It is also an insurance that provides you coverage if you are found to have a covered sickness or have been in an accident.

It is a legal agreement between a policyholder and the insurance provider that pays for potential medical costs. Premium payment needs to be made to the insurance provider so that they will cover some or all of your medical costs during injury, illness or accident.

Why Do I Need Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is crucial for several reasons and they will be explained in this section in detail.

1. Rising Medical Costs

With an unstable economy and increasing prices for basic needs of life, medical costs are increasing every year. As a result, customers who experience medical emergencies wind up using their savings.

This has an impact on their future plans. Medical insurance will certainly be handy to help you overcome situations like these.

2. Attain Peace of Mind

There are hundreds of things for us to worry about living in this world, you can take away medical bills as something that will disturb your peaceful sleep at night with the help of medical insurance! You should not be concerned about things like how much something costs or where you can afford to go with the existence of medical insurance. Medical insurance can easily safeguard you in the case of an emergency.

3. Enjoy Extra Benefits

Each and every provider of medical insurance will provide you with a few essential benefits. Some of the benefits include discounts for family, coverage for pre-existing conditions, direct billing for inpatient and outpatient care without cash and instalment payments.

Top 5 Medical Insurance in Malaysia

1. RHB Medical Insurance

The provider of the best medical insurance in Malaysia without a doubt is RHB, which provides a wide range of insurance products. As of the year 2023, they offer 4 medical insurance plans which are MediSure Supreme Insurance, Critical Guard Insurance, MediSure Insurance and RHB Critical Shield Insurance. Their benefits are as follows:-

  • MediSure Supreme Insurance: High overall annual and lifetime limit from RM100,000 to RM 2 million, enter and exit with ease, lifelong medical protection, underwriting-free upgrade, no co-payment, extend your protection range and deductible options for more savings.
  • Critical Guard Insurance: Suitable for any budget, critical Illness benefits, up to 10% loyalty benefits, additional payouts up to RM300,000 and coverage from newborn and beyond.
  • MediSure Insurance: Guaranteed renewal up to RM450,000, cashless admission, flexible savings and income tax relief.
  • RHB Critical Shield Insurance: critical benefits for 36 illnesses, up to 50% loyalty benefits and additional 10% payout.

To learn more about RHB medical insurance you can always visit our website!

2. Great Eastern Medical Insurance

Great Eastern also gives the best medical insurance in Malaysia as you can easily acquire the healthcare you need while preserving your finances. They offer 2 comprehensive medical insurance and 2 basic medical insurance.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance:-

  • A-Plus Total Health: A total medical protection, health wallet up to 10 times with no claims, option to pay less (deductible amount of RM500 or RM10,000), family boost, personal medical case management benefit and full coverage for Covid-19.
  • A-Plus Health: A total medical protection, health wallet up to 10 times with no claims, option to pay less (deductible amount of RM300 or RM20,000), healthy rewards for staying healthy and full coverage for Covid-19.

Basic Medical Insurance:-

  • A-Life Med Regular: Lifelong medical protection, no lifetime limit for claims, different coverage options, zero deductible charges and full coverage for Covid-19.
  • A-Life Medik Famili: Family plan, lifelong medical protection, no lifetime limit for claims, surplus and full coverage for Covid-19.

They also provide add-ons under their medical insurance such as A-Plus Health Booster, A-Plus Recover, A-Plus Recover-i, A-Plus BabyCare Xtra, A-Plus BabyCare Xtra-i and A-Plus Hospital Income. You can learn more about all these add ons at the official Great Eastern website page!

3. Allianz Medical Insurance

Founded in 1890 and serving over 100 million clients globally, Allianz Malaysia Berhad certainly is one of the providers that offers best medical insurance in Malaysia. They have 5 options under their medical and hospitalisation insurance.

  • Allianz Diabetic Essential: 4 medical plans are available, benefits of annual health screening and benefit from annual premium savings.
  • HealthInsured: There is no overall life limit, high annual overall limit and option for a flexible deductible.
  • MediAdvantage: Benefit of receiving medical care overseas, additional medical advice and seamless encounter.
  • Allianz i-HospitalCash: Daily financial benefit after being hospitalised, double cash benefit for hospitalisation abroad and bonus for no claims upon maturity.
  • Allianz MediCure: 5 medical plans are available, plans with 5 optional deductibles, available for both single and multiple insured people.

4. Generali Medical Insurance

Generali Malaysia is also another provider that provides the best medical insurance in Malaysia as it is Malaysia’s top digital life insurer. The medical insurance they offer is called eMedic Plus. The benefits this plan offers are as below:-

  • eMedic Plus: Auto-increase of annual limit, no claim rewards up to RM60 per policy year, get 5% off if you choose the family plan, up to RM150 daily hospital allowance and paying as low as RM33 every month.

5. Takaful Medical Insurance

Striving to be the customer’s first choice since 1984, Takaful Malaysia certainly falls under the category of providers that give the best medical insurance in Malaysia. They provide Takaful myClick MediCare which is a personal health insurance policy that covers legitimate medical costs up to the annual maximum.

  • Takaful myClick MediCare: Complete inpatient and outpatient benefits coverage (up to RM100,000 annual protection), there will be no co-payment even if you upgrade your Room and Board (R&B), there will be no lifetime limit until the age of 85 and all hospitalisation treatments are covered.


Medical insurance needs to be taken by all of us because health is what keeps us going in our life. In order for you to do that, take a look at Fatberry which is an online platform that offers a wide range of insurance options for you at the cheapest price! You can select the insurance brands and plans that best suit your needs and expectations!


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