RHB Insurance Medical Card

Have you ever dreamed of living a long healthy life with your loved ones? We believe that is what everyone wants, imagine spending wonderful time together and being able to move wherever you want without having a worry about your health care.

This is the sign for you to get that kind of life, a sign for you to get RHB insurance medical card to protect you in your life journey!

What is the RHB Insurance MediSure Supreme Medical Card?

RHB medical card provides trustable and affordable medical bill payments for you and your family. The MediSure Supreme medical card provides hospitalisation and surgical expenses caused by accidents or illnesses covered under the policy.

This medical insurance has several plans that you choose from and you will have the chance to add any other coverage according to your liking. Not forgetting that we offer annual premiums for you so you won’t have to worry about spending too much as it won’t increase your monthly expenditure.

RHB Insurance Medical Card: Coverage

Below is the list of what type of claim you could take and how much you could claim for your medical bills:

Annual Limit from RM100k up to RM1m
Lifetime Limit No limit for Plan 1, Plan 2, & Plan 3 up to RM5,000,000
Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests As charged within 60 days before hospitalisation
Room & Board from RM150 up to RM550
up to 200 days, per disability
Surgical Fees As charged
Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation As charged within 60 days before hospitalisation
Second Medical Opinion As charged within 60 days before hospitalisation
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) As charged up to 200 days per disability
Hospital Services and Supplies As charged
Anaesthetist Fees As charged
Operating Theatre Fees As charged
In-Hospital Physician Visits As charged up to 200 days and max 2 visits per day
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment As charged
within 60 days after discharge
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment As charged
per year
Outpatient Cancer Treatment As charged
per year
Physiotherapy As charged
within 90 days from discharge
Organ Transplant As charged
once per lifetime
Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment

As charged within 24 hours and follow-up treatment up to 60 days

Ambulance Fees As charged
Cash Allowance at Government Hospital from RM50 up to RM150
per day up to 200 days
Insured Child Guardian Benefit from RM90 up to RM200
per day up to 200 days
Home Nursing Care from RM1k up to RM20k
optional benefit
Medical Report Fee As charged

RHB Insurance Medical Card: Additional Benefits

We are not only covering the essentials, we also have additional benefits for you!

1. You are allowed to make deductible up to RM 100,000

2. You are allowed to make a cancellation refund within 15 days

3. You will be able to enjoy hospital accommodation for up to 200 days

How To Claim RHB Medical Insurance?

Don’t worry about the hassle process of claiming your medical insurance because here at RHB, it is so much easier to claim your medical insurance!

1. Contact RHB at 03-2180 3030 or send an email to rhbi.general@rhbgroup.com within 30 days and inform every detail of the incident. It is important for you to tell us every single piece of information as we would like to assist you in the best way possible.

2. Fill up and prepare the following documents for claim submission:
a. Claim form
b. Medical report
c. Original medical bills and receipts
d. Post-mortem report (if applicable)

3. Bring your documents and submit them to your nearest RHB branch or you can submit the documents to your appointed agent.

4. You are done! We will keep you updated on your claim status as soon as possible.

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ) About RHB Insurance Medical Card

1. Is it okay to change my RHB Insurance medical insurance plan?

Yes definitely! You can contact your appointed agent to change your insurance plan.

2. Does RHB Insurance pay my medical claim on a cashless or reimbursement basis?

Usually, RHB Insurance will pay your medical bills on a cashless basis unless it is under certain circumstances such as type of plans, exclusions under policy terms, or admission to non-panel hospitals, we will pay you on a reimbursement basis.

3. Is it okay if I pay for RHB Insurance medical insurance on an installment basis?

No, RHB medical insurance can only be paid annually.

4. What are the methods of payment available for RHB medical insurance?

You can pay your RHB medical insurance using:
a. JomPay
b. Online banking
c. Branch office counter
d. Debit card
e. Credit card

5. Will my RHB medical insurance plan expire if I do not renew it on time?

Your RHB medical insurance plan will expire if you don’t pay it on time.


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