Malaysia Digital Road Tax

Ah, if there’s one thing Malaysians hate doing the most, it would be to stick the road tax stickers against their windshields. Not to mention the sticky residue when you don’t remove them the right way or when you accidentally tear the sticker while taking it off.

Thankfully, starting from February 10th 2023, Malaysians are no longer required to go through the hassle of displaying the road tax stickers on their private vehicles, including motorcyclists!

The Road Transport department is gearing towards digitising all services in hopes of reducing the long queues at JPJ counters. However, at the moment, this rule does not apply to:

  • Vehicles owned by companies
  • Vehicles owned by foreigners
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Public service vehicles

So, how do we move forward with digital road tax? You’ll need to register an account on the JPJ Website Portal or MyJPJ app.

Malaysia Digital Road Tax

Step 1: Register an account

JPJ Public Website Portal:

MyJPJ app: Google Play App Store, Apple Store

If you’re registering an account on MyJPJ app, here are the following steps:
Malaysia Digital Road Tax

Step 2: Key in your Identification Card (IC) number

Step 3: Fill in all your details such as email, etc.

Continue entering the necessary information until you’ve set your password.

Once you’ve successfully registered, proceed to log in. You can find the homepage with the various options as shown below:  
Malaysia Digital Road Tax

Step 4: Click ‘Profile’ on the MyJPJ app to access your documents

Once you’ve successfully created your account on the JPJ Website Portal or MyJPJ app, you can access your road tax and driving license by clicking ‘Profile’ located at the bottom right.

Malaysia Digital Road Tax

This is how your driving license should look like on MyJPJ app: 

Malaysia Digital Road Tax


This is how your road tax should look like on MyJPJ app: 

Malaysia Digital Road Tax
Malaysia Digital Road Tax

Whenever needed, all you have to do is show your relevant documents through the app. Do take note that digital road tax is optional. If you wish to continue with your road tax stickers, that is fine as well.

What about road blocks if you don’t have your digital road tax?

Since the Road Transport Department is moving towards digitalisation, the police will have a gadget to check the cars. The gadget can detect your driving license as well as the road tax.

Hence, if you’re driving another person’s car, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the car owner’s road tax with you.

How do I contact JPJ regarding my enquiries?

You can drop an email to or contact their hotline at 03-2724 2522 should you have any questions regarding the new digital road tax.


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