Road Sign in Malaysia

While driving in Malaysia, without a doubt you’ll come across several road signs. You probably also notice how they come in different colours, symbols and shapes. If you have no idea what some of these road signs mean, read on to find out!

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What are road signs?

Road signs are arranged and placed along the roads where drivers or pedestrians are supposed to obey them or refer to them. Other than stating the rules, road signs also provide useful information about the city or area as well as directions to prevent anyone from getting lost.

These road signs usually consist of a few consistent colours, shapes and symbols. In order to prevent confusion, there isn’t a wide variety of them.

Why do we need to know all the road signs in Malaysia?

There have to be rules when it comes to driving on the road for the sake of the safety and well-being of everyone. Imagine a world where there are no rules on the road – it can get chaotic!

The road signs are also made to manage the overall traffic flow so that there won’t be heavy traffic and prevent accidents from happening. With road signs, pedestrians and cyclists are able to wander about on the road while being safe.

What happens if we don’t obey the road signs?

For certain road signs such as prohibited signs, you might be fined or thrown into jail.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #1: Warning Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Warning signs are usually yellow and are diamond in shape. The meaning of warning signs is to warn drivers against certain road conditions up ahead.

For instance, drivers are required to slow down upon seeing road signs such as Steep road or Slippery winding.

Junction road signs are when drivers are required to signal before making a turn. Stop signs are one of the common road signs in Malaysia as well that requires drivers to stop their cars for those who are either blind, disabled or school children.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #2: Prohibited Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Prohibited signs are usually in red colour with a white background. Sometimes, these road signs can be in yellow or blue backgrounds. Drivers are required to obey these types of road signs. If not, they could face several consequences.

For example, some of the common prohibited road signs would be weight, height or width limits that will be placed just before a tunnel or car parks that are underground. Hence why certain lorries can’t enter certain tunnels because they could potentially get stuck.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #3: Guide Signs

Guide signs are either in blue, green, white, brown or yellow. These types of road signs in Malaysia involve direction or a particular distance to a road, tourist attraction, highways or expressways as well as to a certain direction.

For instance, the road signs in blue background are used on state roads, federal roads and municipal roads while the ones in green background are regularly used on highways or toll expressways.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #4: Information Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Information signs are everywhere – they can be in blue, white, brown, yellow, red or green. These types of road signs are providing general or extra information about the road.

The road signs which are white pictograms and in green backgrounds are usually placed on highways. For instance, historical buildings or tourist attractions that are nearby, the road that’s linked, and public amenities such as police stations, hospitals or petrol stations.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #5: Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are usually in orange and black while being in diamond or rectangular shapes. These types of road signs in Malaysia are mainly used for road maintenance or if construction is going on.

Type of Road Sign in Malaysia #6: Speed Limit Signs

Road sign in Malaysia
Speed limit road signs vary in colour such as red, white, yellow and orange. This type of road sign is when drivers are required to follow as it shows the particular speed limit for the road.

The speed limits are to prevent potential accidents or mishaps from occurring. If a driver goes over the speed limit, it might cause the car to skid.

If drivers fail to follow the speed limit, they’ll be at risk of getting fined when caught by the police.

Helpful Information About Road Signs in Malaysia

1. The letter ‘E’ in road signs

You might not know that the letter ‘E’ represents a highway road while federal roads are only the ones with numbers.

2. Blue road signs are toll-free

Blue background road signs indicate that there are no tolls throughout the road as well.
Road sign in Malaysia

3. Tourist attractions are road signs in maroon

If you spot a road sign on the highways or roads with maroon backgrounds, it represents a certain tourist attraction.

4. Yellow text on green road signs

When you see road signs with green background and yellow text, it represents a government institution.

5. Length of distance is from top to bottom

Road sign in Malaysia
The road signs on highways and roads always start from the furthest destination (at the top) to the nearest destination (at the bottom).

6. White text on blue road signs

Those road signs with blue backgrounds and white text actually represent a certain area or city.

7. Mixture of numbers and letters

The road signs which have both numbers and letters in the yellow box on a blue background represent a state road.

8. Yellow text on blue road signs

The blue road signs that have yellow text on them are usually the name of a specific road.

9. Road signs that only have numbers

These road signs that have only numbers in yellow boxes on blue backgrounds represent federal roads.

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